Since 2001 I have been shooting Weddings in my style, whatever that is. Documentary, reportage, photojournalism, call it what you will.

I understand how important the photographs of your Wedding are to you, now and even more so in the future. It is my job to tell the story of your day. When you look back upon your photographs you will be reminded not only how good you looked but also how good you felt.

I won’t keep you hanging around (Can shoot a handful of group shots in less than 10 minutes). I don’t set up and stage shots: preferring to work unobtrusively; quickly and quietly capturing those real moments of fun, emotion , joy or intimacy as they naturally unfold.

Have a look around the site. If you would like any more information  or would like me to ‘pop round’ to show examples more work and albums then please don’t hesitate to email, text, tweet or even phone me! Thanks for your time




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